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Architect Fazıl Tuncalı was born in Kadıköy in 1923. Like every father, he never lost his fondness for Turkish coffee.

We decided to preserve the memory of our father, who for almost a half a century ran a roasted and ground coffee establishment with great pleasure maintaining the same taste like other experts in the “historical Kadikoy bazaar”.

Our activities in the field of roasted or ground coffee beans started with a modest dried fruit and nuts store in the “historical Kadikoy bazaar”. During a time when selling ground and roasted coffee, especially the preparation phase, was difficult, our customers pleasure and high demands were the pretext under which we focused our efforts on the production of quality roasted and ground coffee.

As is known, the procedure of roasting and grinding raw, unprocessed coffee, in accordance with the classic Turkish taste, is extremely challenging and is based on experience. Especially during the roasting process, personal expertise and experience determine the coffee’s singular flavor.

We are entirely against producing raw coffee through manufacturing methods, believing that processing Turkish coffee requires care, solicitude and love. The antique machines that have been used for years in our establishment continue to bring the incomparable taste of our first coffee long ago to today’s customer.
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